Unlocking the value of an enterprise.

Value Creation Team

Value Creation Team

At Reclinata Group, we brought together a team of leaders with demonstrated track records as strategic, dedicated, out-of-the-box thinkers, leaders and do-ers. Our collective experience in responding to market shifts drove change, growth and success. We found that enterprise transformation is often the defining factor in unlocking business potential, and that access to capital can drive dramatic results.

Now, with Reclinata, this team has come together, focused on value creation and partnering with our clients and investors. We understand how to grow businesses – both organically and through strategic acquisitions. We know the importance of defining measurable goals over a fixed term, which has enabled profitable exits for clients and investors. And, we know what it means to build a company culture, one that supports employee engagement and growth.

Our Value Creation Team is comprised of Business Development Executives, Fractional CxOs, Senior Management, Functional Specialists, and Corporate Development Partners. Reclinata builds a customized client team that comes together to deliver optimized results to enhance enterprise value.

Our experience has led to long-term relationships with investors, both individual and institutional, and we understand how to navigate capital markets, private equity, and family offices.