Unlocking the value of an enterprise.


What We Do



We believe operational excellence and a customer-appropriate business model are the foundations of a successful enterprise. Based on that, our process leads with an Operational Analysis. a detailed review of Go-To-Market strategies and the performance of Sales, Distribution, and Operations.


We focus on value building through a core set of competencies. The key to these core competencies is to simply unlock the untapped value of a business and to allow it to reach its greatest potential. Through this, we can transform an enterprise to unlock its value. 

WHAT We've done

Reclinata Group executives have closed over two dozen transactions as operating CEOs and advised in numerous others, on both buy and sell side. Sellers know us as Investors and Operators who know how to evaluate, finance, and successfully conclude the purchase process. For our investor partners, Reclinata Group has consistently demonstrated success in leading both Public and Private Equity-backed companies with an understanding of operating under fixed time horizons.


We conceive and sponsor programs for the execution of a strategic growth plan to acquire, consolidate, integrate and transform tech-enabled service models. In addition, we independently sponsored the acquisition of a Network Services platform and closely advised on follow-on transactions; served multiple technology-enabled firms on both fixed term and open-ended Advisory Board engagements; and, provided expert due diligence advisory services to the Private Equity community.