Unlocking the value of an enterprise.


Creating & Implementing Strategic Plans



Discover and evaluate. In the Silver Phase, we’ll establish our Advisory Objectives as we begin to understand how the organization functions and get to know its people and its culture. In this Phase, we’ll begin by interviewing the organization’s functional leaders to review the three key business metrics: Financial Targets, Market Strategies, and Operational Objectives. From this analysis, we will be able to evaluate the business needs as they apply to strategic growth strategy, can begin to set the foundation, and prepare for implementing appropriate follow-on actions through the four phases of the Value Creation Plan. Silver, in its elemental state, is valuable as an investment medium, and so too is the Silver Phase is building the strategic plan to create value in an enterprise.

  • P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Overview

  • Historical Financial Data, Key Performance Indicators

  • Market Analysis, Brand/Go-To Market assessment

  • Organization, Systems, Processes, Tools assessment


DESIGN / 30-60

Solutions and processes. In the Platinum Phase we dive deeper into the business, and design specific plans that will guide our strategic actions as we move through the phases. In working together with the organization’s leadership, and using the information gathered from the Silver phase, our Value Creation Team designs solutions and processes to best support the plans for growth. In establishing set processes, a framework for the strategy allows everyone to visualize and work within a road map that will shape the organization as it moves through the strategic growth plan. We believe that process brings transparency, accountability and results in the solutions that keep overall strategic plans on course for strong results — and ultimately, success in revenue and growth. Platinum, as an element, has many important uses and is highly valuable. This design stage is comparable; a strategic design framework that builds a high value structure for future successes.

  • Establish key model assumptions and rolling cash flow parameters

  • Shape GTM; demand generation strategies, evolve Brand storyline; build content

  • Gap current capacity to expected growth, efficiency, quality expectations

  • Frame actions to address Gaps; aligning product roadmap with GTM strategies

Operationalize and execute. The Titanium Phase begins implementation of the strategic growth initiatives as they apply to the overall growth plan. Financial targets are finalized, as are the Go-to-Market strategy and operational roadmap. In this phase, the organization’s leadership team begins to implement the plans alongside the Value Creation Team. Together, they begin to work the now-established plan for growth and to establish the organization’s ownership of goals and initiatives. Titanium is a transition metal, able to work with other elements to produce strong, supportive equipment. It is in this transitional Phase stage where value building begins in earnest, as the collective leadership team works to take the plan from the design phase into execution, turning actions into results.

  • Finalize key assumptions, annual forecast, and cash flow projections

  • Finalize GTM Strategy, brand story, and launch demand generation program

  • Finalize operational roadmap to support financial targets and GTM strategy

  • Deliver annual Smart numbers with supporting key assumptions



Sustainment. The Carbon Phase is where the strategic growth plan achieves its ultimate success. This phase is dynamic in its growth, responsive to changing market needs, rooted in the strength of its strategic plan, but adaptive to changing market conditions. Just as Carbon combines in nature to form a vast number of compounds, this phase focuses on sustaining the Value Creation Plan; as Reclinata Group’s support of the organization continues, we work together with leadership to support the strategic growth plan.

  • Ongoing rhythm of management reporting against assumptions, forecast and rolling cash


  • Monitor appropriate and timely response to results

  • Manage GTM Strategy and demand generation

  • Execute and manage to operational roadmap